About us
“ALTIN BAYKAL” is the official representative of Taiga Forestry Company LLC (Irkutsk) in Turkey and the countries of the European Union.
Today we have forest lands which allow year-round harvesting wood of various species, an industrial complex for the processing of round timber of coniferous and deciduous species.
The high volumes of the stained wood supplied to the territory of Turkey meet the European standards of control and quality.
Our company annually demonstrates an increase in stained timber sale, expands the products range with a stable increase in quality.

Best regards to you and your business,
General Manager YIGIT KAYA.
Our principles and strengths
The high quality of products is ensured by careful selection by our own representatives in the regions of purchase of the material and proper storage in well-equipped warehouses.
Our mission
Promote sustainable economic growth, social stability in the countries of the Company's operations; ensure the preservation of a favorable environment and rational use of natural resources.
Price policy
Excellent quality and low prices enable our customers to appreciate all the advantages of our products, which allowed us to achieve a reputation as a reliable partner for many large enterprises in Turkey and Europe.
Our goal
“ALTIN BAYKAL” is committed to create strong partnership and maintain stability in the development of its business.
Quality comes first
The high quality of products is ensured by careful selection by our own representatives in the regions of purchase of the material and proper storage in well-equipped warehouses. Favorable and stable partnerships with suppliers make it possible to fulfill your order as soon as possible.
Any customer is important for us, therefore, each client gets a personal manager, who has all the information and devotes maximum of his time. Flexible pricing policy, careful placement of orders, high quality products, professional competence and full dedication to work of all employees are the key to the company's success. We value our reputation, value your trust and offer you all our experience and knowledge.
Sale of timber stained on the bottom of Baikal
Stained wood has long been used in Russia, both as a building material, and as a material for the manufacture of furniture, decorative items. And today, despite the high cost of the stained timber, it is still popular. We offer delivery of products to the customer's warehouse in a short time.
A bit of history
The stained timber is the trunks of healthy trees that have been in the water for many years. Special environmental conditions and a unique mineral-salt balance of the purest water of Lake Baikal have made it possible to form a special set of characteristics of the Baikal moraine. By the day of Lake Baikal, the stained timber acquired unique physical properties: strength, durability, and a unique color range.

Starting from the 30s, a timber rafts water route passed along Baikal. Some of the trees remained in the water area of the lake. Timber in rafts was collected 1 and 2 grades, taking into account the maximum length of the harvested timber.
Popularity all over the world
Every year, interest in stained wood is increasing, and today not only furniture, parquet, or interior items are made of it, but also houses.

Bog oak, pine, larch, cedar, stained birch - these are the types of wood that are most valued by builders and manufacturers of luxury furniture and interior items.
The advantages of our stained timber
The stained wood is a valuable gift left by our ancestors and nature. Today, most of the stocks of stained wood are logs drowned in rivers during rafting - after all, this is how timber was transported at all times, and even in Soviet times. According to experts, more than half of all "drowned wood" in Russia is business stained wood, that is, real stained wood, suitable for use.


The most important and indisputable advantage is durability. Being in water for several tens, or even hundreds of years, without oxygen, certain types of wood acquire incredible strength. It is clear that staining is not beneficial for all tree species, but only for those that have resinous or very dense wood - conifers, oak, and birch. In the process of staining, the structure of the wood becomes denser, the wood is impregnated with salts, including iron salts (these compounds are found in any river, lake, and swamp water). As a result, the tree becomes unusually strong, and some species - oak, larch, are equal in strength to stone.

Decay free

Another indisputable advantage is its resistance to decay. Being in water for a long time, wood becomes resistant to decay, which is especially important for the construction of houses located in areas with high humidity. Due to its dense structure and hardness, stained wood becomes unsuitable housing for insects. Therefore, special impregnations against decay and pests are simply not needed. This is another important advantage. Especially for those people who want to live in a truly eco-friendly home.


To say about stained wood that it is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful would be understatement. Amazing colors, a variety of shades of the same wood specie, amazingly beautiful texture - stained wood can be recognized immediately. In addition, stained wood is noble. This is an incredibly strong energy that you feel right away. And, of course, this is prestige, status. The status of a more than successful person who has both wealth and excellent sense.

To processing high quality stained wood we use certified european equipment that allows to sale to Turkey, Germany, Italy and Scandinavian countries.
In Turkey we offer:
Stained timber can be supplied as sawn timber - boards, beams, standard assortment, and according to individual customer sizes.
•       Floor board;
•       Euro lining;
•       Block house and timber imitation;
•       Molding;
•       Planken;
•       Veneer;
•       Bar;
•       Terrace board;
•       Edged board;
•       Garden paths;
•       Logs from 120 cm in diameter;
•       Rounded logs for construction.
Direct delivery from Irkutsk allows you to send sawn timber by railway, sea containers and road transport.
• Packaging is carried out according to European standards.

• Stable output per month from 300 m3. Guaranteed volumes of wood for long-term contracts.

• Delivery time can vary from several weeks to several months, depending on the type of wood and the dimensions of the workpieces and logs required by the customer.
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